Karibien~Rum Cask Finish

Rum Cask Finish

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Volume: 70 cl / Alc: 44.4% vol.

Limited Edition: 4137 Bottles Produced

Moment Karibien has now arrived, the much-anticipated sequel to Mackmyra Vinterdröm. Moment Karibien is an elegant single-malt whisky, partly matured in casks that have previously held Plantation Barbados & Jamaica rum but also combined with whisky from ex-Oloroso and ex-cherry casks. Around 75% of the whisky has been finished in rum casks.

The result is a spicy, fruity whisky with warm notes of rum and vanilla oak. The whisky from the various casks that make up Moment Karibien are at least 8 years old and at most 12. Matured 50 metres underground in Bodås Mine. 

Nose: Fruity, spicy and buttery, with notes of vanilla, toffee and roasted oak. Evoking berries, there are aromas of rum, dried fruit and pear.

Taste: Spicy and fruity with warm notes of rum, Oloroso and oaky vanilla. The texture is slightly oily.

Aftertaste: Fruity and oaky with a hint of vanilla.

Rum casks, 350 L
Ex-bourbon, 200 L
Oloroso, 128 L
Cherry cask, 200 L

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